American Marcite

Is one of the most known and affordable finishes. Comes in various colors to choose from. While the white color has a useful life of 3 to 5 years, colored marcite has 5 to 7. Marcite surface is porous, bringing strong accummulation of algae and easier stain adherence, which result in increased maintenance expenses.

These are a few samples of American Marcite:

Blue Quartz

Blue Marcite

White Marble


Is a stronger natural rock material, more resistant than common American Marcite existent on the market. It has a soft and crystal like finishing with 80% less porosity than traditional marcite, giving better resistance to stains and less algae accumulation. It comes in different colors to choose from. Hidrazzo has an average life spam of approximately 12 years and a lifetime warranty of 5 years on detachment. The application of this product consists in four steps: prepare the surface, application of permabond, Hydrazzo application, and polishing the material.

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Crystal Beads

Crystal Beads pool surface technology is the latest developmet in concrete pool finishes. The smoother alternative to pebble, Crystal Beads contain solid, inert, glass spheres that are locked in the carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer-modified cements.

Crystal Beads patented glass finish can be applied like a pebble finish to both new and prepared masonary surfaces such as swimming pools, spas, water features, fountains and more!

Some of Crystal Beads best features are:
  • Smoother
  • Durable
  • Very Atractive
  • Unique Retro-reflective Brilliance
  • Highly Stain Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long lasting

Rio Series

Splash Series
Blue Mist
Aqua Splash
Black Splash

Crystal Series
Aqua Marine
Water Blue

Black & White Series
Black Sea

Saves labor and equipment cost, while virtually eliminating delamination problems

PermaKote™ Scratch Coat System is formulated for easy application, as well as increased performance while delivering superior bonding between properly prepared substrates and new plaster coats. The results is increased reliability, decreased warranty call backs and 5 year extended warranties.

PermaKote™ is a one-part polymer-modified, cement-based coating specially formulated to increase performance and save time during application. Acting as a bonding agent and scratch coat, PermaKote™ delivers a superb link between properly prepared substrates and new plaster coats. It is used for the application of Hydrazzo, American Marcite, and Crystal Beads.

PermaKote™ eliminates the need for excessive pool substrate preparation such as sand blasting and stripping. More importantly, it provides the even hydration (curing) of plaster applications, which is especially beneficial when applying swimming pool plaster or any cement coating.

PermaKote™ is available in both white or gray, and is formulated with state of the art dry admixes that eliminate the use of liquid resins and make application easy, thus saving both time and money.


Fibre Tech is a strong durable material specifically designed for the coating of pools. It is a long duration glass fiber product with great resistance capacity that simply solves your leak problems instantaneously. It is also more resistant to the accumulation of algae on walls and at the bottom of your pool. Once the Fibre Tech is applied, your pool surface aquires a metallic termination of great softness and resistance. The product's quality is unequaled on the market, and that's why their manufacturer grants a 25 years limited warranty to the user. It serves as a preventive agent avoiding leaks, holes, and filth accumulation. Since Fiber Tech creates a waterproof protective layer, it also avoids water loss due to traditional cracks, saves you 50% in chemicals, and it maintains your water temperature 8% to 10% more template.

Fibre Tech Process

Fibre Tech's resurfacing technique offers the longest lasting surface available in the industry today. By using top grade materials, including 100% Owens Corning®.

The Fibre Tech method sandwiches fiberglass mat between three layers of special resin, creating a durable surface that bonds to concrete, yet remains flexible to movement. The five-step process can be applied quickly to any structurally sound surface, including concrete, plaster, aluminum, steel gunite, or even wood.

It's versatility makes the surface perfect for indoor and out door installation, whether renovating and older facility or building a new one. It can be used for a variety of applications including swimming pools, spas, storage tanks, zoo exhibits, water rides and fountains.

Here are the six basic steps to a brighter, more durable surface:


Pool Preparation

We prepare the pool by grinding and smoothing the surface to remove contaminants. Then, we fill in all cracks and voids and cut seal lines around all fittings and accessories.


FibreLock Kote (FLK)

After preparing the surface, the FibreLock Kote is applied. FibreLock Kote is our unique product developed to create the strongest cohesion possible.


Resin Application

Next, we carefully apply the first coat of Fibre Tech resin that bonds to the pool's surface. Our special resin stays flexible. This reduces the likelihood of separating, shrinking or warping.


Fiberglass Mat

Then a layer of Owens-Corning® fiberglass mat is hand-laid while the first layer of resin is still damp. Hand-laid mat provides consistent thickness and color, giving important strength and flexibility to the finished product.

STEP 5&6

Two More Coats

The second layer of Fibre Tech resin is applied. Finally, the surface is hand-sanded to remove any sharp points, and a third coat of resin is applied. This final layer is what gives Fibre Tech its unique, non-porous finish.